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Medical Practice Closing

After 31 years of practicing both Naturopathic and Allopathic medicine I have decided to step back from private practice to focus on my own physical and mental health more fully. I have accepted a position that meets this need. My last day with office hours will be October 31st. If you have a visit after this date it has been canceled. I currently spend 60-70 hours a week that until recently I did gladly. I have been unable to scale back while providing the care I wish to provide in today's medically regulated environment. I have attempted but have been unable to find a colleague to take over my practice. I have learned an incredible amount from treating so many patients over all these years and I hope I have been able to share this experience for the benefit of every one of you.


Medical Records:

Medical records will be maintained. The best way to obtain your records is to email the practice website progressivehealthri @gmail.com with your request and the address you wish them sent to. Please make requests by the end of this year to ensure a timely transition. There will be no fee.


Prescriptions and Lab Results:

I am maintaining my RI practice insurance for three months which thus is the longest I can legally prescribe for. Schedule II/III narcotics including opiates, benzodiazepines and stimulants will only be able to be prescribed for one additional month. Any outstanding lab results and recommendations will be mailed.



I have been in touch with the following providers who have agreed to evaluate and except your care if they feel this is appropriate. Also included is general medical referral information. For compounded medications you can also contact the pharmacy you use as they are aware of the other medical providers that have similar medications compounded.

Sally Davidson, NP & Achina Stein, MD @ www.fxnmind.com for Bio identical Hormones. Psych and ADD medications. 401 270-4541.

Linda Young, NP. Suboxone, Women's Health and Primary Care. (401) 349-4303

Suboxone: www.codacinc.org and Recovery Help Line 401 942-7876

Claire Nadeau NP: GYN & Bio identical HRT. 401 765-1500

Dr Martin Minor, MD. Miriam Mens Health Center. Testosterone replacement therapy (401) 793-4636

South Coast Brain & Spine Center: Pain Medication (508) 973-7782

Comprehensive Pain Management: Pain Medication (401) 352-0007

General Internal Medicine: Coastalmedical.com, University Medical: www.umfmed.org





John Straus, N.D., M.D.