RIANP: RI Association of Naturopath Physicians. These physicians are trained thoroughly in all non-pharmacologic holistic therapies that I have used. They can review your records and further enhance this care.

Sally Davidson, NP & Achina Stein, MD @ for Bio-identical Hormones. Infusion Therapy, Psych, Low Dose Naltrexone 'LDN' and ADD medications. 401 270-4541 and (401) 270-4081 fax

Dr. Wishik. MD, Neurologist. ADD Treatment. 1 Randle Square, Providence 02905. (401) 274-5150

Dr Okosun Edoro MD, MPH. Thyroid and Bio-Identical Hormones. Internal and Integrative Medicine. Accepts insurance. 401 244-5225. Affiliated with Phusion Compounding Pharmacy.

Rothfeld Center: Integrative Medicine. Plymouth and Waltham, MA. (781) 736-1901.

Dr. Jeanne Hubbuch.  Most experienced, progressive and Holistic MD in region. Watertown, MA. (617) 744-0401.

Infusion IV Therapy. Peterutti Center. 401 921-5934. Also Sally Davidson, NP @

Suboxone: Linda Young, NP. Suboxone, Women's Health and Primary Care. (401) 349-4303 and (401) 349-4373 fax

Suboxone: and Recovery Help Line (401) 942-7876. Also Linda Young NP (401) 349-4303 & Care Center RI (401) 431-9024.

Claire Nadeau NP: GYN & Bio identical HRT. (401) 272-8773 and (401) 272-8770 fax

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Erectile Function. Dr Martin Minor, MD. Miriam Mens Health Center. (401) 793-4636

South Coast Brain & Spine Center: Pain Medication (508) 973-7782 and (774) 206-4091 fax

Comprehensive Pain Management: Pain Medication (401) 352-0007. and -0023 fax. Does not accept Neighborhood Health, Harvard Pilgrim or Medicaid

General Internal Medicine:, University Medical: