Dr. Straus' Training

Dr Straus has attended the following post graduate medical seminars as well as treating patients with the use of bioidentical hormones since 1986.

  • 2009. April 18-19. The Wiley Protocol. 17 hours AMA category I credit.
  • 2009. February 19-21, Integrative Health Care Symposium.
  • 2008. November 6-9, Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine. 26 Hours AMA category I credit.
  • 2006. September 8-10, A Practical Application of Treating Adult Hormone Deficiencies Using Bio-Identical Hormones, Advanced Course. 24 Hours AMA category I credit
  • 2006. May 20, The Journey of Menopause. One day training. Michelle Pouliot, ND
  • 2003. September 20-21, Functional Endocrinology Assessment and Nutritional Management. Datis Kharrazian, DC