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Supplements work best when used to enhance a healthy diet and lifestyle more than to compensate for poor habits. They promote our bodies natural healing and regenerative process. Herbal concentrates, essential fatty acids, probiotics & hormones (vitamin D) are the superstars well as other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Best results are with long-term use with continued benefits after 1, 5 & 10 year and lifetime use. The following recommendations are based on thoroughness, convenience and cost.

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1. Complete (high potency)

NameOrder CodeCompany
ProGreens Powder PROGR Allergy Research
Buffered C Powder r BUFCP Allergy Research
Arctic Cod Liver Oil ARCT9 Nordic Naturals (orange flavor)
Energy Infusion (multi) END10 Integrative Theraputics
Vitamin D3 LIQ20 Rx Vitamins

Combine in a storage tub one bottle of Progreens with ½ bottle of Vitamin C and 1/2 bottle of Energy Infusion Multiple. This will be a one-month supply. Use the scoop from the Energy Infusion container to then measure out one scoop of this mix into the shaker cup provided. Add a few ounces of fruit juice or water to this and then one tablespoon of cod liver oil and 2 drops of the vitamin D (or can put directly into you mouth). Cover, shake and drink immediately. When shaking hold the lid down with both thumbs to prevent ‘accidents’! Store all ingredients in the fridge except the Vitamin D. Two containers of the Progreens, 2 bottles of oil and one of each of the other supplements will last two months.

2. Basic (excellent)

NameOrder Code
Liquid Health (one ounce per day) order At Progressive Health office or at
Vitamin D3 (2 drops per day) LIQ20

3. Basic (Excellent and simple-no liquids or powders)

NameOrder Code
Four Pillars FOURP or FOUR2 (no iron)