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If uninsured, we do not accept your insurance plan, or your annual deductible has not been met, the following fees are charged:

First Visit: $225.00

Return Visits: $120.00

Non-Prescription supplements are not covered by health insurance although some plans have Health Savings Accounts that allow reimbursement for supplements.

We accept cash, credit cards (VISA & MC) and checks. These are no sliding scale fee reductions or payments plans available.

Non-Insurance Covered Services

Infusion Therapy

High Dose Vitamin C $150.00 ($100.00 advanced deposit)

Meyers Cocktail or other formulations: $75.00

Glutathione: $25.00

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDA): $100.00 (treatments are every two months.

*A medication administration fee is billed to insurance and the cash payment is used to meet the office visit deductible fee if needed.

Insurance Billing

We accept some of the following insurance carriers:

*Blue Cross *AETNA *United Health *Harvard Pilgrim *Tufts

Some additional companies are administered by one of the above carriers, so this can be accepted. Dr. Straus must be listed as the provider with out of state Blue Cross HMO’s. We do not accept Medicare, Neighborhood Health and RI Medicaid. If you have Medicare as Primary we cannot bill your secondary insurance but you can submit your bill for reimbursement to your secondary insurance.

*All co-payments and deductible fees are due at the time of visits.

Missed Visits

There is a $75.00 missed appointment fee if a scheduled appointment is missed without giving 24 hours advanced notice. Reminder calls are made only as a courtesy. If a message is left but not received, or we are unable to leave a message (the machine is full, wrong number, no answer, etc.) you are still responsible for this fee. This fee must be paid prior to additional visits being scheduled. Dr. Straus does not double book so your time is reserved and you are not kept waiting.