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To order suppliments through our prefferred partner, click on the link below.

Use patient access code: Health
Password: 02904


10 Percent discount on all orders

(Orders by phone also receive a discount.)

To view the Emerson web site prior to setting up an account and ordering click here

Pharmacy Resources

Liquid Health:

Local Raw Milk Products:

The Natural Dispensary 877 628-3477

Tahoma Clinic Dispensary 888 893-6878

American Botanical Pharmacy 800 437-2362 Dr. Schultz's Herbal Products

NEEDS 800 634-1380 Allergy & Environmentally Safe Products

Bayview Pharmacy 3045 Tower Hill Road. S. Kingston, RI 02874 401 284-4505 Compounding Pharmacy

Discount Drugs of Canada 877 488-0638 888 888-9950

ApotheCure 800 969-6601 Compounding Pharmacy

Testopel  866-SLATE-50 Testosterone Replacement Therapy