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Patricia Jew RN has 40 years experience practicing both traditional and complementary medicine. Influenced by years of travel and study of indigenous cultural practices in Peru, India and Thailand, she has gained a broad experiential knowledge of the body as an eco-system, and that to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual health, one needs a comprehensive approach towards wellness.

Patricia was able to put this knowledge into practice while living in Southern Vermont, where she worked with other alternative practitioners, primarily administering Infusion Therapy. Her programs included vitamin and mineral infusions, alkalizing agents, homeopathics and detoxifying agents such as Calcium EDTA and Glutathione. She was able to experience first hand the healing and health promoting effects of IV therapy for health maintenance and for acute and chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease and Parkinson’s. She expanded her practice while working as a health consultant, guest lecturer and detox coach at the Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat.

Patricia also practices Thai/Shiatsu. Patricia has also worked in the Acute Care Unit at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and now the Critical Care at Charlton Memorial Hospital.