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To save time on your first visit, please download our "intake" questionnaire below and fill it out in advance of your first visit.

How to make the most of your visit to Progressive Health

The first office visit:

Your first visit will typically take 45 to 60 minutes.  This allows time for a complete history, brief physical exam, assessment of your health and initial treatment.  Being thorough initially saves time in the long run.

How to take recommended supplements and follow dietary changes

Unless otherwise stated, supplements should be taken all at once, in the morning with breakfast.  This simplifies the task.  Leave bottles out on the counter or table where they can be seen.  Homeopathic remedies are always taken alone.  Do not stop taking recommended supplements until your next office visit.  If you run out, refill the supplement.  If you have questions or concerns about continuing the supplement, please call the office before stopping.  Dietary changes should also be followed until your next office visit.  Should you feel the need to make any changes to your diet, please call and discuss them first.

If you're not feeling better

When a treatment is working well, you should feel better within a few days to several weeks, depending upon the nature of the problem.  If this is not the case, please call the office so that we may reassess your treatment plan.

Length of treatment

The goal is for you to start feeling better rapidly.  At the end of your first visit, a return visit will be scheduled.  Typically, children and adults with chronic health problems require a series of visits over a 3 to 24 month period, sometimes longer.  Wellnes is a process with ups and downs, and is achieved gradually.

Return visits

It helps many people to keep a list of questions to bring to return visits.  I will take time to answer all of them after your reassessment.  Please call the office should any questions or concerns arise between visits.